I'm awesome and I know it :P

Peace, love, music, writing and reading…

My top five things to enjoy alone in life…and yet, at the current moment, I seem unable to enjoy any of them. I cant seem to focus on the last three, and cant seem to find the first two. My relationships all seem to be in various stages of decay. Im constantly surrounded by people these days so there goes peace.  I cant ever figure out what music I want to listen to, and when I do find something I like, I hate it within five to ten minutes. I can’t find any inspiration for any stories (old or new) and cant organize my thoughts enough to write. And I simply cant find the time or focus to read much lately. Its a fight with myself to get through more than a paragraph or chapter here of late, even on stories/books I love.
I guess I need hugs and love or something to cheer me up/get me out of this funk. Just hope I can find it somewhere. And soon.


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